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It is rare in our world to come across an enterprise that is truly and genuinely a win-win opportunity on every front.  Wood for Haiti is this rare opportunity.  In fact, Wood for Haiti is a win-win-win.


Win-Win:  HAITI and U.S. FORESTS

As the Western United States struggles to deal with millions of acres of forests infected by the destructive pine beetle epidemic, millions of Haitians struggle to deal with homelessness in an environment literally devoid of suitable building material.  Simply put:  The U.S. has millions of dying and dead trees that need to be cleared for fire prevention and forest regeneration, and Haiti has a desperate need for these very same trees.  Hence, the heart of Wood for Haiti‘s mission:

to supply U.S. wood, materials and construction training to Haitians in an effort to build hurricane/earthquake-resistant homes and community centers.

The Third Win:  U.S. Economy

Considering the logistics and labor involved in clearing the forests, and in treating, milling and transporting the lumber — it’s not only the Haitians that benefit.  The Wood for Haiti effort will create hundreds of jobs in the United States helping to stimulate the economy in the U.S. as well.  It will, in fact, fill the economic-crash-influenced 30% drop in the timber industry during the entire course of fulfilling Wood for Haiti‘s mission, which is estimated to be approximately 10 years – but is likely to extend beyond.

In addition to building homes, regenerating U.S. forests, and creating jobs both in the U.S. and abroad, Wood for Haiti is facilitating two organically realized secondary goals including:

  1. A wood-focused architectural/construction education plan for Haitians in Haiti and
  2. A seedling project to help foster the regeneration of a once thriving forest in Haiti.

These secondary goals provide a foundation for the Haitians to literally build upon, continuing the work of constructing earthquake-resistant wood homes, fostering forest growth and bolstering their own economy long after Wood for Haiti is gone.

Visit our blog and Plans page for more detailed information.

This is Wood for Haiti:  we are designers, students, lawyers, builders, artists, architects, professors, foresters, doctors, engineers  and volunteers – both Haitians and Americans working together to mutually benefit our countries – to make opportunity out of tragedy.