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WOOD FOR HAiTi | Board of Directors

Gary Funk

GARY FUNK, President/Founder
A retired university music professor, Gary began working on developing ways to provide assistance for Haiti’s reconstruction on January 12, 2010, the day of the earthquake. Since then, he produced two fundraisers, “Requiem for Haiti” and “Hope for Haiti” that evolved into “Wood for Haiti. He has developed this Montana Board of Directors and the Advisory Committee of WFH in Haiti. “All of my past experiences with organizing large projects involving many people in higher education and especially those that have involved major international programs have helped to prepare me for this humanitarian effort to help reconstruct Haiti.” Gary works around the clock for WFH, and he’s never been happier. His great love for Haiti, worldly awareness and “real solutions” makes every second worthwhile.

ROGER ZIESAK, Vice President/MT DNRC Forest Practices Specialist
Roger is employed by the Montana DNRC (Department of Natural Resources and Conservation) as its Forest Practices Program Supervisor. His wealth of forest knowledge and networking facilitates WFH’s ability to make informed decisions with respect to Montana’s forests and timber. Roger raises and addresses significant questions associated with his field as well as identifying many other important considerations related to WFH’s progress.

ANGELA BILLADEAU, Secretary/Communications Director
Having acquired a large variety of skills along the path of being a professional actress/singer, Angela is able to present WFH to many different audiences in a convincingly passionate manner. She has assumed profound responsibility on the Board – dedicating much of her life to this effort. WFH has provided her the opportunity to actualize her values and responsibilities as a citizen of the world – to develop meaningful relationships with others in the US and abroad, and to actively support a cause that helps so many people in need. An active force of the WFH Board, Angela believes that there is nothing more powerful in life than “doing”.

As Treasurer, Gail brings over 30 years of accounting experience to the WOOD FOR Haiti table. She is ecstatic to play such a critical role in this noble effort – that WFH can benefit from her expertise as she exercises her humanitarian heart. A win-win!

LARRY ANDERSON, Logistics Advisor/Co-founder
Larry is a retired former local politician and businessman with strong ties to the community, the State of Montana and the wood products industry. Because he is so well known and highly regarded, he has been an invaluable partner in moving Wood for Haiti forward. As an advocate for strengthening the wood products industry in this country, Larry is especially supportive of the people-to-people nature of Wood for Haiti. WFH often relies on his successful business experience, which brings critical integrity to its operations. As WFH’s former VP, he was a close advisor to the WFH President offering recommendations about everything from “next steps” to editing critical written documents.

TOM BEAUDETTE, Structural Engineer
As WFH’s Structural Engineer, and as a founding partner of BCE, Inc. (Beaudette Consulting Engineers) of Montana, Tom brings significant technical skill and experience to WFH. He is a critical member of the Building Design Team that has worked with our architect and building expert to develop three homes, a community center, and a major Center for Homeless Children. These wood-framed structures are designed to be hurricane/earthquake-resistant. Tom is also a Board Member of the humanitarian project in Haiti called Hands Together, which has given him the opportunity to work in Haiti numerous times since the 2010 earthquake. His in-country experience provides our WFH Board with invaluable insight into the Haitian culture and tradition. During several of his trips to Haiti, Tom has served as our WFH representative there and has been successful in developing high regard and respect for our project. Tom’s presence is integral to the growth and development of WFH.

MIKEL GREATHOUSE, Construction Expert
Mikel has over 40 years experience as a carpenter in the “Brotherhood of Carpenters of California” and has been a Builder in the community of Missoula, Montana for the last 20 years providing diversified housing needs largely through Greathouse Construction, Inc. A passionate leader in this field with a huge heart and love for Haiti, Mikel heads Wood for Haiti’s building advisory team efforts in Haiti. He is also responsible for creating wood and non-wood construction material lists and cost projections.

As proprietor of Lippert Architecture, Dennis is an extraordinarily talented and accomplished architect that brings a wonderful quality of practicality and creativity to his drawings. Always respectful of the Haitian culture, he has worked as a member of the WFH Building Design Team and with the United Committee (WFH’s Board in Haiti) not only to draw plans according to the expressed Haitian needs, but also to make revisions as necessary for a hospital, a demonstration home and community center, 2 additional house designs, as well as 9 buildings comprising the Center for Homeless Children. His work is integral to WFH’s progress, reputation, and, ultimately, its success.